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Episode Four


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Corporate raidersDr Ben Walker and Hannah Blumhardt
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Key Words


Zero Waste


Circular economy

Quadruple bottom-line


Our host Dr Sarah Jane O’Connor is joined in this episode by organisational behaviour lecturer, Dr Ben Walker (Ngāti Raukawa; School of Management), and zero-waste leader, Hannah Blumhardt (Institute for Governance and Policy Studies), to discuss the circular economy.


Working towards a circular economy is essential in achieving our sustainability goals, and we can make this shift by eliminating waste and pollution, reusing products and materials, and regenerating nature. In this episode of our Sustainability podcast, our guests discuss ways to re-think how resources are consumed and disposed of, and how the circular economics framework might change how we value people, their skills, and the capacity to share. The podcast introduces these ideas through both an individual and business lens, and suggests ways that the government could lead the charge.



1. How does a circular economy support sustainability?

2. In what ways does a circular economy differ from our traditional “linear” economic framework?

3. How does the circular economy framework inspire you to reconsider how you consume and dispose of things?

4. What is something that you use in your daily life (a product, system or service) that you feel would benefit from adopting a circular economy approach?

5. How does the circular economy framework relate to the SDGs?


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