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Episode Six


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Working togetherRhonda Thompson and Andrew Wilks
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Key Words

Mātauranga Māori


Living Pā


Shared values


The drive for collaboration and collective support are cornerstones of sustainability. The guests in this episode introduce ways in which partnership is being implemented at the University level, and what a positive partnership looks like. They talk about the University’s Living Pā project, a great example of what can be achieved when diverse people and ideas come together for the greater good. They see Aotearoa New Zealand as a small nation where communication across disciplines is relatively easy, and where everybody can contribute to addressing our sustainability challenges.


Our host Dr Sarah-Jane O’Connor is joined by Senior Advisor in the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Māori, Rhonda Thompson (Poutini Ngāi Tahu), and the Director of Sustainability, Andrew Wilks, to discuss the importance of partnership in working towards sustainability.



1. Why are partnership and collaboration essential in achieving sustainability?

2. What are some examples of how the University is applying the principle of partnership in addressing sustainability?

3. How does the principle of partnership relate to Mātauranga Māori?

4. How can you personally contribute to partnership in addressing our sustainability challenges?

5. How does partnership and collaboration relate to the SDGs?


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